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Jade Roller – Natural Facial Beauty Massage Tool

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The Jade Roller is made from a natural Jade Stone. Effective in releasing tensions in our facial muscles. These tensions can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Gentle pressure and motion promote circulation, which plumps and firms’ skin and is a major contributor to that clean-living, eight-hours-of-sleep glow we’re all striving for!


  • It plumps fine lines and reduces cell turnover time
  • Helps close and minimize enlarged pores
  • Relief from tension headaches when rolled over the temples
  • Tightens and firms the skin by boosting the elastin
  • Tones facial muscles for improved elasticity
  • Increases oxygen levels to the bloodstream
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation
  • It clears toxins from the skin and reduces inflammation
  • Increase Chi, a life force energy to improve the flow between meridian points
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Minimizes spots around chin and jawline caused by the build-up of toxins
  • Brightens complexion and brings about the most youthful glow
  • Helps in releasing blocked sinus congestion and pain

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8 reviews for Jade Roller - Natural Facial Beauty Massage Tool

  1. Marianne Allen

    Super love it! Would definitely buy from this store again!

  2. Lela Saunders

    Beautiful jade roller and the energy is excellent!

  3. Tasha Craig

    Arrived on time. Beautiful design. very cool this will last a lifetime!

  4. Lanny Jims

    Absolutely stunning!! Very good quality.

  5. Samantha .V

    As described. Delivered in 2 weeks which is fair.

  6. Marie H

    Packed very cool, a bunch of soft material and vacuum package. Plastic handle, but both roller stone. Looks awesome and pleasant to the skin.

  7. Nina K

    Very good quality, fast delivery. Will buy again.

  8. Amanda P

    I really enjoy this tools. The jade is able to cool my face and the little side is able to roll on my eyes area.

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Weight 2.88 oz
Dimensions 3.15 × 3.15 × 1.57 in

4-6 oz

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How does it work?


The Jade Roller increases circulation and gets rid of the toxins in the skin via lymphatic drainage. It increases blood flow in your facial muscles thus improving the skin tone and effectively carves out the cheekbones and jawline.


Wrinkles will be smoothened, and the increase in blood flow will detoxify to the skin, and lead to more brightness, clarity, and a glowing complexion.


How to use?

  1. Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer.
  2. Using the Jade Roller, roll in an upward motion, working from your neck toward the forehead

(Skin cells are shaped like roof shingles on your face, so moisturizers or serums are absorbed more upward motion.)

  1. You can use your jade roller whenever you’d like, but It is highly recommended to use in the morning to start the day on a great note.
  2. You can use two rollers as a tandem during a facial. Cool down the jade roller by placing the roller in the fridge, then use it to effectively reduce dark under-eye circles, or place the jade stones in warm water and roll over moisturizer or serum to help it penetrate more deeply into the skin.


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