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Cozy Animal Plates

(10 customer reviews)


Lift the mood in the morning with our new Cozy Gifts – Ceramic Breakfast Set! The adorable, fun and cute plates add a warm feeling to every meal and would definitely bring a smile on everybody’s faces. Kids and even grown-ups would love them! The Cozy Gifts – Ceramic Breakfast Set has fantastic designs individually designed that would look great as a jewelry plate for girls or displayed on the wall as an original piece of art!


  • High quality and durable
  • Environment-friendly and safe. Can be used repeatedly
  • Multiple compartments design, for different kinds of food
  • Easy to clean. The smooth polished edge will not cut your skin, dishwasher safe
  • bear
  • cat bowl
  • cat dish
  • cat mum
  • cozy elephant
  • fox bowl
  • fox dish
  • hygge hedgehog
  • mouse
  • polar bear


Tips on de-spotting, de-staining and storing your dishes:

  • Spots – Remove hard-water spots with warm, undiluted white vinegar. Microwave two cups for two minutes, then submerge glasses for three minutes; rinse, then dry with a lint-free towel.
  • Stains – Mix baking soda with a little water to create a paste to remove stains such as coffee spills. It also erases forks’ or knives’ metal marks from plates and banishes undesirable orders.
  • Storing – Stash the dish-ware right-side up. By placing it upside down, it puts pressure on delicate rims and traps any odor-causing moisture inside. If you want a dust-free storing of the dish-ware, invest in a storage bag and add a foam divider for extra cushioning.

Tips on displaying your cozy gifts dishware:

  • Sort the dishes and collect the special ones as there’s probably no way you could display every single piece. Pick and choose the best and the most beautiful ones
  • Keep fragile pieces out of reach so that they won’t be broken by everyday activities especially when children are around. The glass-fronted display cabinet is highly recommended
  • Choose the right rack or plate hook that looks good when paired with the dish and hang or display them in a pleasing arrangement
  • Small plates and bowl are an eye catcher and it is also a great catcher for jewelry and rings
  • Place these cozy gifts in your dresser or bathroom counter, so your jewelry pieces don’t get lost
  • If you have tiny plants such as succulents, you can add your plates as decorative saucers under these lovely plants or vase and display them on a side table

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bear, cat bowl, cat dish, cat mum, cozy elephant, fox bowl, fox dish, hygge hedgehog, mouse, polar bear

10 reviews for Cozy Animal Plates

  1. Rose Graves

    Love this plate so cute great quality. And all my dinner guests agree. Highly recommend.

  2. Suzanne Williams

    Love these plates! All guest comment on how nice they look and honestly the quality is very nice.

  3. Daisy Mcdonald

    Adorable! and I swear my kids eat more often because of them!

  4. Debra Garner

    Super cute and fun plates. They are a nice quality and size too1

  5. Wanda Davidson

    Cute and good quality at a really good price. The little birthday girl loved it !

  6. Melly Swanson

    The prints look fun and cute. They are an eye catcher in parties. Glad I got them!

  7. Ella Robinson

    Beautiful and unique–I get a lot of compliments every time I use this for a gathering!

  8. Margaret Ray

    All of the pieces are gorgeous and with great colors! Really happy with my purchase! 😀

  9. Joann Norton

    super cute and beautiful!!

  10. Shelia Mcdaniel

    Very pleased customer here, I’ll definitely be back for more : )

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