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Black Morion Crystal Quartz Cluster

(12 customer reviews)

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The Morion Black Quartz Cluster is a gorgeous crystal that is wonderful to use for transmuting negative energies & protection. It has a profound grounding and protective energy. A companion crystal that will assist you on your soul’s path!

Black crystals represent the moon, also known as the leader stone, which increases the charisma of the leader and contributes to the cause. Can avoid evil spirits and become amulets, absorb all negative energy.


  • Reduces self-destructive tendencies.
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Aids forgiveness, compassion, and love.
  • Helps to reduce and calm tempers.
  • Increases confidence.
  • Develops psychic abilities.
  • Dissolves self-imposed obstacles.
  • Eases anxiety and panic attacks.
  • RARE – Only 1 is Available
  • Healing


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12 reviews for Black Morion Crystal Quartz Cluster

  1. Gwen Green

    The crystals are exactly like how they are pictured! Beautiful stone. A great addition to my collection.

  2. Guadalupe Ford

    Wow! it was larger than I expected! They are beautiful! I’m so happy about this purchase!!

  3. Meghan Hicks

    Great purchase, love the crystal. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase and I can’t wait to grow my crystal collection more!!!

  4. Meghan Hicks

    Great purchase, love the crystal. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase and I can’t wait to grow my crystal collection more!

  5. Guadalupe Ford

    Wow! Larger than I expected! They are beautiful! I’m so happy about this purchase!!

  6. Mindy Reyes

    I never received this package. It arrived quickly and so so adorable!

  7. Naomi Brady

    Gorgeous crystals with great colors! They look fabulous on my nightstand and after cleansing, their energy is just amazing! Exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Denisee Rose

    Got mine really fast and it was stunning! So happy!

  9. Cecelia Mullins

    Beautiful crystal cluster with excellent colors & energies!

  10. Jenna Walters

    Beautiful! Totally worth it!!!

  11. Delores Lee

    We absolutely LOVE this gorgeous crystal!

  12. Elvira Gibbs

    These crystals are exactly like how they are pictured! Love it!!!

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Gemstone: Black Crystal Cluster
Shape: freeform
Size(mm):210*178*96mm | Note (1inch=2.54mm)
Weight: 2146g
Quantity: 1 piece
Color: black

Morion is a rare form of quartz that is naturally black but can fade to a lighter shade when in contact with sunlight. It is formed when quartz grows close to uranium deposits and when it is exposed to natural radiation. However, the Morion Black Quartz Cluster is not radioactive and is perfectly safe to carry and use.

Morion crystal has a strong connection to the earth star and base chakras and so have a strong grounding energy that can help us to stay connected to Mother Earth and thus avoid many health problems. It also has beneficial for a range of healing and life-enhancing applications.

How to Use Morion Black Quartz Cluster for the Best Results?

  • The Morion Black Quartz Cluster will enhance the energies in your environment. Place a piece of this crystal in the four corners of your house or office, or near the windows, to amplify the good energies.
  • If you are fasting or abstaining, carry or wear this crystal to keep you feeling energized and nourished. It will also keep you grounded and protected.
  • For personal healing, hold the crystal in your hand and lie down on a bed. Breathe deeply and relax. Imagine your ideal forthcomings. You know you are getting relaxed and getting to this point when you feel a warm energy radiating.

Morion Quartz for Love and Relationships

  1. It draws a charm from the people around you
  2. It boosts confidence
  3. It helps see through people’s feelings and emotions
  4. It repairs broken relationships
  5. It helps and avoids issues in relationships

Morion Quartz for Money and Business

  1. It helps in reaching your goals
  2. It boosts charisma  
  3. It is helpful in creating new and unique ideas
  4. It helps in absorbing knowledge
  5. It aids in decision making

Other benefits of Morion Quartz for sale

  1. It balances the left and right activities of the brain
  2. It builds inner peace and power
  3. It reduces self-destructive tendencies
  4. It helps in developing psychic abilities
  5. It calms the nerves and eases anxiety and panic attacks.

Benefits of working with Morion Quartz for sale

  • It is a great talisman for protection
  • It detoxifies the body
  • It boosts creativity
  • It aids forgiveness, compassion and love
  • It helps to reduce and calm tempers
  • It helps to see the truth in a situation
  • It aids in the develops psychic abilities
  • It can receive, transmit and amplify energy
  • It dissolves self-inflicted obstacles

Large Crystal Cluster has a unique characteristic that clears the problem of the owner. It has an absorbing ang purifying effect that repels negative energies. It would clear the mind from negative thoughts and absorbs positivity. When you are feeling off or sad it boosts the energy and relieves the body from the stressful situation.

The black color of the Large Crystal Cluster absorbs the light and accepts affirmation so that you would feel confident and secured. It also protects the mind and the spirit so that the owner can feel relax and at ease.


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