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What Is An Incense Burner? 

Incense burner is a vessel or support typically made of wood, stone or porcelain used for burning incense sticks or incense cones. The aroma of incense extracted from herbs, flowers or other natural sources, fills the atmosphere with a pleasant smell and inspires us to develop a pure mind. For centuries incense burning have been used for aromatherapy, healing procedures, as well as religious rituals. And today we use them for meditation and relaxation and cannot imagine a sacred place at our home without a beautiful incense burner.

Incense Burning In History

We meet the first mentions of incense burners in Vedas where incense burning was used for aromatherapy as well as a part of medicinal practices. Incense burning has emerged from pleasing aroma and has become an integral part of rituals across East Asia, India and Northern Africa. An incense burner with a fragrant stick fills the air with a pleasant smell while burning itself into ashes. During the time of early Hinduism this ritual appears to be a virtue of a person to sacrifice himself for society and common being. For buddhists for example incense burning has been a way to honor the Triple Gem of the Buddha, his Dharma and the Sangha. Incense holder Buddha Figurine – It represents a need to burn away the negative energy and qualities of the person in order to reveal a pure self within.

Benefits of Burning Incense

People have noticed the healing properties of burning incense a long time ago and carried this knowledge through centuries. Same as Healing Crystal Knowledge.  It’s widely known that incense burning helps a better sleep. It has a deep relaxing effect and is a true lifesaver for anyone who is struggling with insomnia. It also reduces pain, anxiety and stress; enhances the concentration and focus. That’s why people often put the incense burners at their study or office.

How to Choose an Incense Burner?

If you are planning to use incense for aromatherapy you will need to think of the right incense burners. Those that are not only visually beautiful but also can control the smoke and falling ashes. When choosing an incense burner you need to think of it not only as an accessory but as an investment into your meditation and healing practices. Because if you invest in a quality incense burner it can last for at least eight to ten years with zero damage.

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Backflow Incense Burner

Backflow incense burner is a unique artistic piece. It holds a cone on top which releases a smoke when lit. The smoke cascades down the ceramic incense burner creating a magical effect of a pouring waterfall. In order to achieve the best effect it is important to properly ignite the cone.

Backflow Incense Burner – Little Monk

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How To Burn Incense Cone?


  • First you need to light the tip of the incense cone


  • Then gently blow or fan the cone to extinguish the flames


  • Carefully place a cone into backflow incense burner with a pointy side up


  • Give a cone a minute to inflame and release the smoke
Keep you backflow incense burner in ventilated area but make sure to put it far from window, doors or other drafty areas for a better pouring backflow effect.

You also do not want to flame the cone rather then have it smolder. Otherwise you will only end up with intense charcoal kind of fragrance. This is one of the main reasons why people often complain that the incense do not smell good or burn out too quickly.

Put the cone into a backflow incense burner and have it smolder. If you follow the tips above the cone will most likely burn for a minimum of thirty minutes. Another reason for a cone to go out quickly is a lack of oxygen. Sometimes it can happen if the backflow incense burner is too small.

You should check if you burner has a lid. If this is the case, try removing it and let the cone breathe.   Also, keep your cones in a cool dry place. If they absorb too much moisture they are not going to burn properly. Or, what’s even worse, you may experience a poor quality incense.

Backflow incense burners come in variety of forms and designs

One of the most popular is a Dragon incense burner

Dragon Incense Burner

In Eastern tradition dragons symbolize power, strength and good fortune for people who deserve it. It is believed that they have control over the elements of nature like fire, water, rainfall and typhoons. That is why a dragon incense burner has become such a beloved mascot for many people.   Place a cone on a head of a dragon and let the smoke pour through the dragon’s mouth. A warm dragon’s breath is going to fill the room with prosperity, wisdom and good energy. Dragon incense burner will become a great driving force behind your successful projects. If you feel you need to concentrate on your thoughts simply place a dragon incense burner on your working desk or meditation room. You cannot tame the dragon but you can get inspired and enlightened by its strength.

Incense Burner – Ceramic Dragon

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Dragon Breathe – Ceramic Backflow Incense Burner

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How To Train Your Dragon! Backflow Incense Burners Safety Tips!

You should always remember that safety comes first when using the backflow incense burners. It seems obvious, but worth of mentioning. Do not touch or brush against the glowing tip of the cone. It can cause a significant burn on the skin. Do not play around or lean against the incense burner if you do not want to accidentally ruin your clothes. Make that the surface you put your incense burner on is heat resistant such as trivet or ceramic tile. It surely depends on what kind of incense holder you are using but it never hurts to ensure. Never leave your incense unattended. If you are going to sleep or need to leave put your incense burner out. Make sure that the ash from the backflow incense cones is completely extinguished and cold before touching and discarding.  It can remain hot for hours after the incense has burned out. Besides if still hot the ashes can easily ignite in a trashcan.

Where to Place Your Backflow Incense Burner?

Let’s say you have purchased a perfect backflow incense burner that you wanted for a long time. Now it’s time to find a perfect spot for it at your home. You already know that burning incense relieves stress and anxiety, refreshes mind and body. Taking this into account you can put it into your study, meditation room or library and enjoy the calming and healing aroma effect. Always be conscious what it might come in contact with. Position your incense burner at a smart distance from curtains, drapes, lampshades and other flammable objects to avoid  fire. You should never burn incense in closets with clothes hanging above.It is a potential fire hazard and is life threatening. After burning incense it’s the best time to learn how to meditate with crystals

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