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Evil Eye Protection & Evil Eye Meaning

Evil Eye is a striking look that is believed to carry a magical curse. It is directed at the person when he or she is unaware with the aim to cause harm. This may come in may forms like bad luck, misfortune, disease and accidents. In attempt to ward themselves off the evil eye curse people have come up with a number of protective talismans. A typical Evil Eye talisman is a disk, ball or hand consisting of dark blue and white circles.  Such talismans are found in almost every culture throughout the world. For example, Portugal, Brazil, Mediterranean Coast, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Balkans, India, Nepal, Pakistan and many others. Today Evil Eye is a popular piece of jewelry and a souvenir for tourists. But in many places where belief in Evil Eye Curse is alive and well people take Evil Eye meaning extremely seriously. 


Evil Eye: The Magical Curse

There is a big chance that you have seen an Evil Eye symbol at least once in your life. You may have seen someone wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet or an Evil Eye Necklace or an Evil Eye Ring. You might have even worn it yourself without realizing it. You might witnessed a person giving an “evil eye” look. You might have even given it yourself. But have you ever wondered of the Evil Eye meaning? Has it ever occurred to you that people in many cultures throughout the world are taking Evil Eye very seriously. 

Symbols created with the Evil Eye were also created as a powerful protective talisman to drive away evil forces that are associated with the evil eye. However, many cultures despises this symbol as some believe that they carry the tragedy and misfortune of the eye.

The Evil Eye meaning might differ but its uniqueness and remarkable properties made it last for decades. With or without conscious understanding of the symbol, it is so popular today that it can be found in almost every accessory, wardrobe, interior design across the world. If you want to be smart about keeping an Evil Eye at home or wearing it as a piece of jewelry, you should at least understand what it means. 

We have listed everything you need to know about Evil Eye in the article below. 

History and Meaning

People belive that Evil Eye has existed for more than 5,000 years. It is considered one of the strongest symbols in Greek and Roman Empires. According to the myth, Evil Eye is represented by the stares of the Gods and the people. When a person is worshipped too much, they will be filled with pride. The evil eyes are the eyes of the people and the gods and goddesses that punishes those who are too proud of themselves. This pride becomes their downfall causing misfortunes, as well as physical and mental illnesses. The folklore imparts a lesson of humility and that you are to remain a mortal of the same level no matter what or where your achievements takes you.

Mentions of Evil Eye Meaning were found in Sumer of the Euphrates Valley. Archeoligists are finding Evil Eye amulets from 3,300 BC Syria. But the most shocking discovery was made by historians in Spain where Evil Eye cave drawings dating back to at 10,000 years were found. 

 This proves that Evil Eye meaning has come a long way through the history of mankind. People had different approach to the meaning of Evil Eye but it still remained the same at the core. 

Despite minor differences, Evil Eye meaning remains pretty much the same wherever the story is told. People describe Evil Eye as look aiming to inflict harm or some form of bad luck. The superstition states that a concentrated look is powerful enough to bring actual harm and cause a disaster. 

The European and immigrants from Asia are believed to be the first to bring the symbol of the Evil Eye in America. Evil Eye has been mentioned in many religions.  For example, you can find a statement in the Islamic Doctrine  saying “The influence of an evil eye is a fact…” in Sahih Muslim, Book 26, Number 5427. I is a common belief for Islam that Evil eye is an evil force that may cause harm. Their custom to say “TabarakAllah” (Blessings of God)] or “Masha’Allah” (God has willed it) are intended to protect them and to ward off the negative energies that is brought by the evil stare.


In Asia, particularly in Hinduism, an intense feeling of fear is anchored in the symbol of the Evil Eye. The “evil” look portrayed in the eye is said to hold a power that would bring a massive catastrophe. Because of this powerful superstition, the Hindus devotes themselves in offering a bowl milk to withstand the power of the evil eye.

In Hinduism, the Sin of Envy is where the Evil Eye roots its power as represented by its malicious look. Anyone can be capable of this envious act even animals like snakes can give off an evil eye. However, in India, women are considered as the most vulnerable as they go through the most drastic changes in their life. Though men go through this process as well, people are most likely to give preconceived opinions to women who are in the state of puberty, marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. That is why women are encouraged to paint their eyelids as a protection from the evil stare.

Evil Eye Protection : South America

In South America, particularly Brazil the Evil Eyes associated with mal-olhado, mau-olhado (“act of giving a bad look”) or olho gordo (“fat eye” i.e. “gluttonous eye”).  People feared that when a stronger someone stares at a weaker person, the stronger person can drain the power and the soul from the weak one. Women, elderly, babies and young children were seen as weak, while men or wealthy and politically influential individuals counted as strong. 

Babies and young children on the other side are at a higher risk for mal-olhado or mau-olhado and the Bruxas (witches). Especially the non-baptized. The Evil Eye is represented as these evil forces as it grants dark and malignant intentions taking away their energies and causing illnesses in spite of being extremely well. Christians in Brazil created evil eye charms in a form of cross and placed them around the bedroom. These Evil Eye charms are made to protect and repel the negative forces away from the children especially when they are sleeping because this is the state where they are found most vulnerable.

Plants such as Dumb canes, Snake plant, Guinea Hen Weed, Rosemary and etc. are planted together to sanitize and bring good luck to places that are believed to have been intoxicated with dark forces. They are also planted in strategic places such as the front yard to cleanse the energies before these evil forces could enter the house. Other amulets are also used in Brazil such as mirrors, elephant figurines, and salt are placed in specific areas at home to withstand the powers of the Evil Eye. 

Evil Eye Symbol: Mexico

The Evil Eye is also famous In Mexico as it is a symbol that brings “Mal de ojo” which means “To be made ill by a gaze”. Like the beliefs made in Brazil, the powers of the Evil Eye spawned from envious acts like insecurity and jealousy. The folklore entails that the Evil Eye disrupts the balance of the positive and negative forces forcing the negative energies in dominance. Bringing more power to evil forces such as evil spirits, witches, diseases and illnesses to invade the body of the innocents caused by their malicious and careless behavior to others.

A traditional treatment for mal de ojo in rural Mexico calls for the practices of a curanderoA curandero or curandeiro is a traditional native healer or a shaman found in Latin America, particularly in Mexico. They used a raw egg to cure Evil Eye. Raw egg is believed to absorb negative energy that a person cursed by Evil Eye possesses. An egg is held over the person and then covered with a straw cross. It is typically positioned beneath a. head of a person while they sleep. The next morning the curandero comes to examine the form of an egg and determine if the ritual was successful. By the shape of the egg yolk Curandero is able to even tell the gender of the enemy. 


Evil Eye protection practices are important in Mexican culture and are passed from generation to generation. They implicate how disease is perceived in their culture specifically that people can become victims of destructive behavior of others.

Evil Eye in Europe

Europeans believed that envious look had a power to bring misfortune. Dark forces such as witches were thought to be  the source of the Evil Eye according to European folklore. Besides people with rare eye colors were also seen as potential possessors of Evil Eye and therefore a threat. For exmaple, Germans feared the red eyes as they believed to carry the power of the Evil Eye look. The Irish believed that those who have squinty eyes are the wizards of the evil eye. The Italians on the other hand, believed that the unibrows carry the power of the Evil Eye.


Evil Eye in America

Surprisingly, the negative impression of the Evil Eye was not carried to the America in spite of the influences brought by the Europeans. Most people in America didn’t take this belief as a higher threat. They considered a barefaced stare a sign of rudeness rather than an Evil Eye curse. Even if people do not believe in Evil Eye properties they take preventive measures just in case. Because at the end of the day, an evil stare is a warning sign for an impending unpleasant intention.

Evil Eye in World Languages

Because of the diverse influences made by the symbol of the Evil Eye, it has gained is distinctive names around the world. The word Evil Eye comes in different names in Farsi it is called “Bla Band”, Arabic “Ayin Harsha”, Scotland “Droch Shuil”, Spanish “Mal Ojo” or “El Oja”, in France “Mauvais Oeil”, Germany “Böser Blick”, Romans “Oculus Malus”

“Ayin Ha’ra”

Hebrews call them “Ayin Ha’ra” an idea wherein a person with bad intentions, witches, and other supernatural beings can cause harm or bring an evil eye curse to a person just by merely looking at them. The “Ayin Ha’ra” is also inclined in envious act and are also addressed in the Rabbinic texts.

Nazar Boncugu

Turkish used the name “Nazar Boncugu” which means “Turkish Evil Eye”. The look can cause intense pain, harm, and misfortune to those who received it. A “nazar” which is an eye-shaped amulet is used a protection for the Evil Eye.


Italians fear the “Malocchio” which means the evil look or the evil eye as it is caused by jealousy. To repel the evil forces, the Italians created the Malocchio Prayer, a traditional prayer that is mostly done during Christmas Eve as it is when its power is strong. One must be diagnosed with Malocchio before a Malocchio Prayer is made. A close friend or relative has to drop an olive oil three times in a bowl of water and if the oil forms an eye then the Evil Eye is confined in their body.

Evil Eye Amulet For Home

In order to ward off harmful spirits and curses or simply envy people are using talismans and amulets. Those countries that are familiar with the evil eye meaning have come up with a way to protect themselves. People safeguard themselves against bad fortune and evil eye by keeping some form of evil eye amulet at their residence, workplace or vehicle. In order to protect your home or office hang a hamsa hand or evil eye amulet near the entrance. This way all visitors can see it right when they stop in. Evil Eye Amulet has a power to recognize the person who is trying to concentrate on us. Sometimes people are sending negative thoughts our way unconciously. And when they do you want to be prepared and protect your family and your home from negative energy flying around. As soon as Evil Eye Amulet recongnizes the negative energy it breaks the concentration and strength of it in a simple and effective way. Evil Eye amulet comes in may forms and so you have a great selection to chose from! It works best though when a person is making his or her own talisman. Because he or she can empower it with a strong positive energy while making it. But you can also order or purchase a talisman and meditate or charge it for protection. 


Protection and Cure for the Evil Eye

There are infinite ways to diagnose and cure the victims of the Evil Eye. For exmaple, Christians carry cross and Hindu carry incense at all times as a protection against the evil eye. For most cultures, children are considered the most vulnerable. Therefore mothers would keep an amulet and other evil eye charm under the pillows or near the head of their children as they are at a higher risk during sleeping.

Diagnosing the Evil Eye

Diagnosing the Evil Eye is a process of recognizing the Evil Eye, cure and free oneself of the evil forces that accumulated in your soul. One significant manifestation when a person acquired the evil eye is when it shows signs of physical and psychological disturbances. Among physical symptoms that are acquired from an envious stare are weakness, fever, and infectious diseases. The unfortunate receiver of the evil stare would also manifest issues that would affect his personal and pofessional relashionships. It is considered as an invisible assault as it creates an overall effect to the well-being of someone else.

There are several methods to identify the evil entity created by the Evil Eye.

Evil Eye Symptoms: Coal method

In the Coal Method, a piece of coal or a burned match is dropped in a pan filled with water. If the coal or the unburned match sinks, it means that the person is not infected and if it floats it means that the person or child is infected with the negative energies of the Evil Eye. A shaman, healer or the parent can perform this ritual if a child is manifesting this symptom. If it is an adult, they can perform the ritual by themselves.

Evil Eye Symptoms: Wax Method

In the wax method, the healer or the parent will drip a hot wax in a holy water and if the wax splatters or sticks on the side then the child is infected with the Evil Eye.


Evil Eye Symptoms: Oil Method

In the Oil Method, the person who is manifesting the evil eye symptoms must perform this method by dropping an oil in the water. If the oil forms an eye then the person is infected with the powers of the Evil Eye. The person that shows symptoms of Evil Eye may also pour an oil on their hair and let it drip in a glass of Holy Water and if the oil sinks then the person has the Evil Eye.

Curing the Evil Eye

The powers of the Evil Eye have been known in every parts of the world. That’s why people created Evil Eye amulets and performed rituals for protection. In some countries, people pinch on the back to repel the evil eye curse. Christians have a tradition of carrying a cross near the body and performing a sign of the cross while the index finger points towards the Evil Eye. Women and children in Bangladesh are drawn with an evil eye tattoo or a dot in the forehead or behind their ears to protect and drive away the Evil Eye.

Here are some methods you can use to protect yourself and yoru family off the Evil Eye. 

Touch Method

In Hispanic culture, the evil eye is said to have been passed with no intention so a simple method of touch is considered as a regimen to cure the Evil Eye. The person who may have caused the evil eye will have to touch the child on the hand and forehead and that is already an adequate process to cure the evil forces that is caused by the evil eye.

Egg Method

In Latin countries, the parents of the child that is manifested with the evil eye will recite a prayer and pass an egg over the child’s body. The Egg is then placed underneath the pillow and is left overnight. In the morning the parent will check if the egg white is foggy, if it is then the child is affected by the evil eye and that the child is cured.

Hand Gestures

Mano Cornuto is a hand gesture that is believed to repel and cure the evil eye. The hand makes a sign of a horn where the index and the small finger is extended. There is also a hand gesture that is called Mano Fico where a fist is made and the thumb is stuck between the index and the middle finger.

Six Sided Mirror

In China, a six-sided mirror is said to have been used to repel negative forces and cures the people who exhibits the evil eye. The mirror is hanged on the front door or window which are the entry points of the house. Mirrors attached to clothes are also used in India to ward off the evil eye.


Shamas are healers that has access or has influence in the world of the good and the evil spirits. With their expertise in divination and healing, the healers can perform the rituals if the parents or the person is not confident or comfortable in carrying out the practice.

Evil Eye Protection

There are many amulets, rituals and prayers that people use to protect themselves from the powers of Evil Eye. One of the most popular talisman is called Nazar and it is most widespread in Turkey. It’s a royal blue glass bead or ball with blue and white circles in the middle. Another popular amulet is Khamsa (in Arabic) or Hamsa (In Hebrew). It is a palm-shaped symbol – a bearer of good fortune. People tend to surround themselves with these Evil Eye amulets in every day life to ward off negative energy and unwanted Evil Eye. These symbols cam be placed in homes, more often at the door front where everyone entering the house can see them. They are painted in the interior of the houses, incorporated into the door knobs and draped on furniture and home textile. 

Nazar & Hamsa also make great jewelry and can be worn to protect its owner. Evil eye bracelet, evil eye earrings, evil eye necklace, and any articles that contains the symbol of the evil eye repels the power of the evil stare.

Some religious monotheists condemn amulets as superstitious and even sinful. But people keep the beloved tradition and talismans remain extremely common in homes of every faith and every culture.


Celebrities Embracing Evil Eye Jewelry Trend

Evil Eye amulet has the ability to transcend boundries – cultural, geographical and religious. Centuries ago it was praised and loved by teh royalties. They believed that Evil Eye was going to protect them from conspiration who question their right for the throne and power. They incorporated Evil Eye symbol into jewelry to ward off negative energy and envious glares.

Evil eye meaning remains the same today. Although nowadays people wear it for different reasons. Some still belive in the power of Evil Eye properties some simply follow the trend.  It makes sense why celebrities were the ones to embrace the Evil Eye Jewelry trend. They may experience the Evil Eye curse more than any of us. So in attempt to ward off malevolent looks they have turned Evil Eye into a fashion statement.

Evil Eye Protection – Amulet Turned Into a Fashion Statement

The imagery of evil eye has frequently appeared in the world of fashion in the last decade. Kim Kardashian is a big fan of Evil Eye jewelry. She has been photographed many times wearing evil eye bracelet and evil eye necklace. As well as headpieces featuring evil eye symbol.

Gigi Hadid started folloing the Evil Eye trend in late 2017. She launched a beautiful Evil Eye shoe collection called Eye Loves Shoe.

Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne were noticed to wear Evil Eye bracelet and Evil Eye necklace. Evil eye has made it to the red carpet numerous times. Rita Ora is a one of those people who belies in Evil Eye properties and keeps an amulet close when she most needs it. 

Protect Yourself From Evil Eye Properties

Evil Eye Amulet & Evil Eye Charms


Hamsa is also known as the evil eye hand “Hand of Fatima”, “Hand of God” or the “Hand of Miriam. Hamsa is a hand-shaped symbol where the evil eye is placed on the palm. It is one of the most powerful amulets against the evil eye and it is popular in the Middle East, Africa and Jewish culture

Pink Coral Bracelet

Parents let their children wear a pink coral bracelet as an evil eye bracelet to serve as an evil eye protection. The coral carries the sun’s energy where it attacks love and prosperity and fights off black magic and evil attempts.

Red String

The use of red string as an evil eye bracelet meaning is popular among the Jewish community as it wards off bad luck and injury brought by the evil eye. Parents places or ties the red strings on the children’s bed to protect them when they are sleeping or on the handle of the strollers when children are strolled outdoors.

Jet Amulet

Jet Amulets are a high polished and dense velvet black coal that are often used as a evil eye necklace in Hispanic cultures. This evil eye charm is attached in beads or gold chains and are worn as evil eye choker by children.

Spit Method

In Russia, mothers follow the ritual of spitting when a stranger or another person compliments their children. They spit three times over their left shoulder and knocks on the wood three times to ward of the evil entity that the evil eye brings.

Salt Method

Sicilians uses the method of scattering salt on the floor to confuse the bearers of the evil eye. The salt are scattered on the doorsteps of the house either inside or outside the house.

Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning


We recommend doing your own research on evil eye tattoo meaning before actually getting one. Though you may be familiar with evil eye meaning there might be more to it. Evil eye symbol has been around for thousands of years. Yet the debate about the symbolism of it is till going on. People agree that an evil eye tattoo serves both purposes. First of all warding off evil. And second of all enhancing the appearance. But a question if it has a good or bad nature really sparks a conversation.

The reason is in the name itself – evil eye. Some people say that the word “evil” gives a negative connotation to the whole picture. Moreover, some think that “evil” in this word combination make a symbol seems bad rather than good. This makes people believe that getting an evil eye tattoo might actually bring bad luck! But don’t just take it for a word. But this is pretty controversial. Because most of the debate is based on personal experience and superstition, rather than facts. For every person advising against evil eye tattoo, there is always one rooting for it. Especially people who live in the countries with the long history of evil eye symbol. Such as Greece, Egypt, Mexico etc.

Before having the symbol inked on your skin forever find out everything about evil eye protection.


Crystals to lift the Evil Eye Curse

Ancient civilizations believed that Evil Eye is the way the Gods and Goddesses punish those who are receiving too much praise and attention. Over the years, powerful protections such as crystals were used in evil eye necklace or and evil eye bracelet. They were offered to the royalties for protection because they believed that the evil eye was a big threat to their throne. To provide constant evil eye protection against the evil eye, powerful crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Quartz Crystal and Hematite were used in creation of evil eye ring, bracelet and evil eye necklace where the power of crystals can be used on a daily basis.


Lapis Lazuli – keeps the mind away from negative and evil thoughts

Black Onyx – releases the stress, anxiety, fears and other negative energies that have been accumulated and repels negative forces that surrounds the body.

Quartz Crystal – activates the positive energies and intensifies the protective powers that goes along with it.

Hematite – the negative energies are withdrawn from within and are absorbed by the Earth.

Evil Eye in Modern Life

More often Evil Eye is viewed as an ancient belief or an old-fashioned superstitions in modern world. Today people use the term “energy vampire” to describe someone who exhibits low or negative energies. Wherein they are regarded as the people who self-centered and uses manipulative acts to benefit themself or act just on jealousy.  


The term “energy vampire” is now widely accepted by pseudo-scientific references. It is concluded that these energy vampires attaches their negative energies to other people around them. They tend to start a drama and that they are immature in nature who focuses on the purpose of bringing down the people they may come across. They have unhealthy emotions and are being diagnosed mostly with psychological and personality disorders.



Science hasn’t given a definitive reason why some people carry this low vibrational energy. Though, researchers made an assumption that this may be caused by traumatic experiences in a form of an abuse, a bad parenting and other possible triggering factors.


Therapists has pinpointed the prominent characteristics of this so called “energy vampires”:


Lack of empathy – They show a mean personality with a sharp tongue and that they show no regard to your emotions or doesn’t show interests when you try to open an emotional conversation.

Childish Acts – They may look old and mature in appearance but they show immature behaviour emotionally. They hold grudges and argue over petty little things having left with a persona of a 5 year old child.

Inauthenticity – They initiate a relationship with a person who they think they can gain themselves in a materialistic way. They copy and falsify the traits, looks and status and tries to impress people. They see themselves in a higher status quo and disregards those who have lower privileges.

Gossiping and Dramatic Acts – They are good in picking up small details about a person and creates chaos in a good situation making others miserable because they are unhappy with themselves.

Lapis Lazuli: My Journey Towards Spiritual Healing

In my experience, I feel that it is uplifting that I encountered many energy vampires and that I have learned many ways to identify and successfully avoid and drawn their plethora of negative emotions. The best way to deal with the Evil Eye or the Energy Vampire is to avoid it in the first place. Though the belief in the evil eye is now considered a superstition, it may still play a role as a powerful factor that affects the behaviour of the people around the world. That is why I always create a protective psychic shield around myself if i feel like I am dealing with one. I raise my vibrational energy by wearing a protective gemstone as it helps me avoid falling into the negative energies.

Evil Eye Most FAQ’s

What does the evil eye symbolize?

The Evil Eye is a striking look that is believed to carry a magical curse. To cause harm and ill intentions to someone or something. This may be in a form of misfortune, diseases, accidents, calamity, or even death. Symptoms of this affliction includes fever, vomiting, loss of energy and problems mental and emotional health. In most cultures, evil eye is easily diagnosed when a person is inflicted with sudden medical issues in spite of being extremely well.

What is the meaning of the evil eye hand?

The Evil Eye hand is also known as “Hamsa”, “Hand of Fatima”, “Hand of God” or the “Hand of Miriam. Hamsa is a hand-shaped symbol where the evil eye is placed on the palm. It is one of the most powerful amulets against the evil eye and it is popular in the Middle East, Africa and Jewish culture.

What causes the Evil Eye?

The ancient civilization believed that the Evil Eye is the way of the gods and the goddesses to punish those who are receiving too much praise and attention. Many cultures also believe that the evil eye is given because a person was provoked out of envious reasons. In the modern world, this malevolent glare is usually given to a person when they are unaware.

What are the symptoms of the Evil Eye?

Symptoms of being affected with Evil Eye includes fever, vomiting, loss of energy and problems mental and emotional health. In most cultures, evil eye is easily diagnosed when a person is inflicted with sudden medical issues in spite of being extremely well.

What are the crystals that could lift the effect of the Evil Eye?

To provide constant evil eye protection against the evil eye, powerful crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Quartz Crystal and Hematite are molded into evil eye ring , bracelet and evil eye necklace where it can be used in a daily basis.

What are the characteristics of the Energy Vampires?

The energy vampires exhibits low or negative energies, they lack empathy, show immature behaviours, not authentic, gossips and creates dramatic situations.

How do you protect yourself from the Evil Eye?

Prayers, rituals, amulets, jewelries – evil eye bracelet meaning, necklace, earrings is used to protect self from the power of the evil eye. Other figures such as Hamsa, Pink Coral Bracelet, Red String, Jet Amulet, Spit and Salt Method can also be used.

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